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Welcome to Coolisys Technologies


Innovation Driven Company

Coolisys Technologies (“Coolisys”) is primarily focused on world class technology-based solutions where innovation is the main driver for mission-critical applications and lifesaving services. Coolisys will nurture its portfolio companies, including Digital Power Corporations, Digital Power Limited, Power-Plus, Microphase Corporation and other innovative technology driven organizations to “think out of the box” to achieve goals that previously seemed insurmountable.

Coolisys provides technological solutions to the industrial, medical and defense and aerospace growth markets. Coolisys brings decades of experience to bear on every project, working in cooperation with its clients to develop leading-edge technological products. Coolisys’ strategy continues to emphasize growth in its core markets that are characterized by “high barriers to entry” and include specialized products and services not likely to be commoditized.

Our Companies Portfolio

DPC Logo

Digital Power Corporation designs, manufactures and markets flexible power supply solutions for the most demanding applications in the telecom, medical, industrial and military markets.


Gresham Power Electronics design and manufacture high density power solutions for the Military and Commercial markets including Heavy Duty and Custom PSU's for today’s demanding requirements.


Microphase designs, develops, and manufactures state-of-the-art RF, microwave components, devices, subsystems and integrated modules for wireless, defense, aerospace, satellite, and homeland/global security markets

Power Plus

Power Plus is a value added authorized technical distributor for a large number of power supply lines, components and accessories including UPS systems, fans, filters, line cords, and other power-related components.


In the Works

Coolisys high-scale industrial manufacturing services.


Advanced electronic systems, test and simulators for array of weapon systems.